When instances of bullying are reported, they are investigated thoroughly and dealt with in conjunction with our John Therry ‘Maintaining Right Relationships Policy’ (see link below). There are several different consequences that may be imposed. Depending on the severity of the bullying behaviours, students may be involved in Restorative Processes to repair damaged relationships. They may also be excluded from school via suspension. In all cases, students will be required to sign the John Therry Anti-Bullying Agreement before being allowed to resume their place in the community. A link to the Anti-Bullying Agreement can be found below.

We encourage all students in the community to take responsibility in ensuring that ‘bullying’ type behaviours are not accepted. We acknowledge that that power of the ‘bystander’ is just as detrimental as the person ‘bullying’ another person. Therefore, bystanders may also be called to account for the role they play in perpetuating the situation.

There are many avenues for students to report bullying to a staff member. Students can speak to a teacher in person. They can speak to anyone with whom they feel comfortable, but the first person should be the student’s Learning Mentor or Year Coordinator. Students also have the option of reporting bullying anonymously online at the ‘Student Links’ section of the website. A shortcut to this page is located here. Any report that is made here is emailed directly to the Pastoral Coordinators.

In this digital age, the important of developing CyberSafe practices is extremely important. Students are explicitly taught appropriate ways to use technology and appropriate ways to interact via social networks. As part of our safe practices, all students and parents are expected to sign the Appropriate Use of Internet Agreement. This is located in the student planner but can also be accessed via the link below. As part of our ongoing commitment to become a holistic, CyberSafe school, we are currently going through the procedures required to gain E-Smart accreditation. E-Smart is a program endorsed by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation, that assists schools to develop CyberSafe policies, procedures and structures that are school wide.

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