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Chromebook Program

The decision to move to Chromebooks has come after a great deal of research, investigation, consideration and professional development. This process will continue throughout the implementation process and beyond. Many schools throughout Australia are now taking advantage of technological advancements of mobile devices with cloud-based services, such as Chromebooks, and the multitude of educational resources now available to support and enrich both students learning and teaching.

Of the students that participated in the Chromebook Pilot Program...

believe having the Chromebook has increased their enthusiasm to learn
believe having a Chromebook has motivated them to do more schoolwork
Chromebooks had increased the quality of their homework, research, and projects.
Support the continuation of the use of Chromebooks next school year
believe that Chromebooks are easy to use compared to other devices they have owned
noted their overall satisfaction with the Chromebook as Satisfied or Very Satisfied

Our Google Journey

August 2012

Google Apps for Education

The Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Wollongong adopts Google Apps for Education
November 2015

Staff Gmail Migration

All Teachers and Staff were migrated to Gmail
March 2016

Junior Chromebook Pilot Program

Chromebooks were evaluated by students in Years 7 to 10 and asked for feedback on their experience in the classroom and at home
June 2016

Senior Chromebook Pilot Program

Chromebooks were evaluated by students in Years 11 and 12 and asked for feedback on their experience in the classroom and at home
June 2016

Preliminary Staff Chromebook Trial

Chromebooks were evaluated by members of staff.
May 2017

Chromebooks for Classroom Support Staff

Chromebooks were distrubuted to Classroom Support Staff
October 2017

BYOD Chromebook Program Website Launched

November 2017

Chromebooks distributed to Teachers

Chromebooks distributed to teachers

Chromebook BYOD Option for Students Commencing in 2018

Why Chromebooks?

Research indicates that using technology in the school setting results in students who are more active, engaged, and more likely to take pride and ownership in their learning. Regular technology use will increase self-advocacy skills including seeking assistance, conducting research, problem solving, and communication. Student confidence will grow as they rely less on the teacher and more on their own initiative for knowledge-creation.

Creating content for a larger audience provides students with an authentic purpose; they will be motivated to edit, revise and produce a higher quality of work. Through the students’ use of digital tools, the focus of activity will shift from teachers to students. Inquiry-based, student-directed methods will replace lecture-based methods. Learners will be more active as they solve problems, answer questions, brainstorm, work in teams, debate, and formulate questions of their own. Interactive tools, digital resources, and creation/production tools will enable deeper study. Teachers will be better able to modify, extend and individualize digital content based on student need.

By introducing Chromebooks to the 1:1 program John Therry Catholic High School aims to support all students in improving student engagement, participation and achievement. Chromebooks are a powerful tool for collaboration, active participation, critical thinking, innovation and discovery. They allow students to personalise their learning to suit their individual needs, abilities and interests.


Chromebooks enhance student communication and collaboration opportunities. Create, share, and edit documents in real-time; and all work is automatically saved on the cloud.


Using Google Classrooms students can keep their paperwork for all their classes organized in one dashboard, upload and submit work, and receive feedback.

Ease of Use

Chromebooks are designed and built to be easy to use, fast, and powerful. With a fast boot time, and quick access to web apps, Chromebooks easily meet the capabilities for digital learning.

Safety & Security

All work is automatically saved to the cloud, meaning that data is safe even if the Chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged; while automatic updates, verified boot, and data encryption protect against viruses and other malware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every student has access to the school’s wireless network at school. Configuration details will be available from the school’s website. Students do not require 3G/4G access at school. Whilst at school all students’ internet access will be filtered. It is important that parents/guardians know that internet usage is not filtered at home unless parents have filtering in place.
The Chromebook will not completely replace written work. There will be many opportunities for students to practice the art of writing, drawing and other such skills. The school recognises the importance of students developing satisfactory handwriting skills for school and work life and whilst the students will be required to have their Chromebook they will still complete written tasks.
Whilst we are moving to BYOD Chromebooks, the school will still maintain computer labs to be used by classes. Students without access to a computer at home will be able to use a computer in the library. Classes may also be booked into specialist computer facilities around the school.
John Therry Catholic High School is currently an eSmart accredited school, which aims to educate and empower students to become safe users of information technology such as mobile phones, laptops and Chromebooks. Students will participate in lessons on cybersafety and responsible use of technology whilst at home and school. Parents/Guardians will be offered the opportunity to attend parent information sessions on using the Chromebook, cybersafety and other technological issues. Parents should be comfortable with setting guidelines for use at home such as no Chromebook use in the bedroom or Chromebook curfew times. As student internet access may not be filtered at home, parents will need to monitor their child’s internet use. The school would like to support parents in implementing safe and responsible Chromebook usage at home.
Every Year 7 student will require their Chromebook to be configured by the school in Week 2, Term 1.
As with all technology it is recommended that users take regular breaks throughout the day. Whilst your child will require their Chromebook each day they may not use it every lesson or all lesson. Students will be encouraged to turn off their Chromebooks during recess and lunch and teachers may request Chromebooks to be closed in some lessons whilst other instruction or activities are occurring. Eye strain may also be avoided by the student enlarging text (easily done on a Chromebook) and some students may choose to get antiglare screen protectors for their Chromebooks. It is generally recommended that rest breaks are taken for at least 5 minutes every 30 minutes of use and with well-structured lessons, this is easily achieved.
Apart from the protective case, headphones are required for your child so that they can be used when listening to multimedia resources. Each Chromebook has volume control options and it is recommended that volume be kept to a minimum or on mute in class to lessen noise and disruption. Other optional accessories may be desired by your child but are not necessary for the Chromebook to function effectively.
In order for the school to establish a technology rich and well-planned teaching and learning program we need to ensure all students are using the same devices and have access to resources. Students will not be able to bring in other tablet devices, mobile devices or laptops apart from the ones specified in this document.

Which Chromebook?

The Chromebook models detailed below have been selected as suitable devices; other devices are not supported and will not be permitted to be used as part of the BYOD Chromebook Program. As newer models become available, the school will update the list of suitable devices.

PCmerge 116EB

  • 11.6" display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage

Acer C731E

  • 11.6" display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage

HP 11 G5

  • 11.6" display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage

Lenovo N23

  • 11.6" display
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage


The school requests that every student have a case, bag, or sleeve to protect their device. A set of headphones is also recommended for use when listening to multimedia resources in order to minimise noise levels in class.

Purchasing Online

John Therry Catholic High School has arranged a purchasing portal through Educom IT. It is, however, not mandatory to purchase from the portal, or from any specific retailer, as long as the Chromebook is one of the four models listed above

If you would like to purchase online please Click Here

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