Learning Support

At John Therry Catholic High School teachers are committed to meeting the diverse learning needs of all students. The Special Education faculty together with the teaching staff work towards catering for the specific needs of students that have an identified special need within an inclusive teaching and learning environment.
Support Provided

The type of support the Special Education faculty and teaching staff provides for students with special needs varies from adjustments to the curriculum and physical environment, to support in class, support with assessments, homework, practical and research projects, playground support, social skills training and workshops, preparing for exams and for life after school by setting up opportunities for work experience. School Support Officers in the Special Education faculty work closely with the teachers and students to provide a lot of this varied support.

Additional support, advice and consultation regarding students with special needs is made available to us by the Diverse Learning Needs Team from the Wollongong Catholic Education Office.
Extended Transition Program

We also offer an extended transition program for students with special needs who are enrolling into Year 7. This program is designed to equip the identified Year 6 students with skills and tools to help them learn more about John Therry before they begin their journey here the following year. By doing this we hope to prepare the students for a smooth and settled start into high school.

Life Skills Classes

For students that require extra learning support and have difficulty keeping up with a mainstream curriculum we do offer a Life Skills class. We have stage 4 and stage 5 and stage 6 life skills classes and students in these classes work on a Life Skills pattern of study. Students who wish to continue Life Skills in stage 6 have the opportunity to move into the Satellite Class. For further information about the Life Skills or Satellite class please contact the school and ask to speak to the Special Needs Coordinator.

Working as a Partnership

The success of all our Special Education students at John Therry would not be possible without the partnership between the school and home setting. Through transparent and ongoing communication, parents and teachers work closely to cater for the specific needs of students with a special need. This partnership ensures that the students journey through school is meaningful and more importantly that we are working towards building students independence, resilience and confidence for the journey of life after school.