John Therry Catholic High School is committed to providing students with innovative and engaging learning opportunities focused on meeting the present and future needs of all students.

We utilise digital technology as a tool to enhance their creativity and critical thinking skills so that the learning outcomes are presented with depth and quality.

John Therry Catholic High School has a BYODD 1:1 IPad Program for students in Year 7 – 12. We use a combination of digital textbooks and integrate many internet or cloud-based services into the daily student experience.

“All young people need to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the discriminating, ethical, innovative, creative and enterprising use of a range of technologies and the processes through which they can create, design, develop and produce innovative technological solutions. They need opportunities to play, learn, create and produce using a range of technologies from the early years and to be able to pursue a continuum of technologies learning through to the senior secondary years.

They should also have the confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills to access, manipulate, create, critique and ethically produce digital information and systems to meet personal, family and community needs, and to be imaginative and innovative in their production of solutions. All students need opportunities to make their personal contribution by being given an active voice on things that are relevant to them.”

— Draft Shape of the Australian Curriculum: Technologies ACARA (March 2012) http://www.acara.edu.au

This program is supported by technology equipped classrooms including Apple TVs, wireless internet access and highly trained staff, allowing digital technology to be integrated across the curriculum in a limitless number of exciting and engaging ways.

Students have access to their learning and resources anywhere via the Schools Learning Management System and it's link to the Google Suite, which provides a flexible, secure and personalised learning environment. Parents also have access to information about their child’s learning via the Parent Portal.

The priority of Learning and Technology is to develop students with skills, knowledge and values to be capable and responsible digital citizens

iPads in the classroom

The decision to move to iPads has come after a great deal of research, investigation, consideration and professional development and this process will continue throughout the implementation process and beyond. Many schools throughout Australia are now taking advantage of technological advancements of mobile and tablet style devices, such as iPads, and the multitude of educational Apps now available to support and enrich both students learning and teaching.

By introducing iPads to the 1:1 program John Therry Catholic High School aims to support all students in improving student engagement, participation and achievement. iPads are a powerful tool for collaboration, active participation, critical thinking, innovation and discovery. They allow students to personalise their learning to suit their individual needs, abilities and interests.