John Therry Catholic High School is a technology rich school, which integrates technology into all aspects of learning and teaching. We believe that students at John Therry should be equipped to deal with the digital world in which we live. To achieve this, John Therry Catholic High School implements a Bring Your Own Device program for all students from Year 7 through to Year 12. This is a compulsory program and is a condition of enrolment.

John Therry Catholic High School is committed to providing students with innovative and engaging learning opportunities focused on meeting the present and future needs of all students. We utilise digital technology as a tool to enhance their creativity and critical thinking skills so that the learning outcomes are presented with depth and quality.


The adoption of the BYOD program at John Therry Catholic High School has extended the learning environment from the physical constraints of the classroom to give our students the capability to collaborate, share information and experiences, work across disciplines and take control of their learning. Students and teachers now have access to a range of tools which assist in making learning richer and more engaging.

The Purchase of a device is a major decision and a significant expense. John Therry Catholic High School has taken strides to integrate device use into many aspects of teaching and learning. Your investment allows the school to maximise learning outcomes for your child and for all students. Any student commencing from 2018 are expected to bring a Chromebook while existing students may continue to use their current device.

Parents may choose to purchase their child’s Chromebook through the purchasing portal on the school website or from a retailer of their own choosing. Students are expected to bring their own device to school every day. The school requests that every student have a case, bag or sleeve to protect their device and a set of headphones for use when listening to multimedia resources in order to minimise noise levels in class.

The BYOD program is supported by technology equipped classrooms including Apple TVs, wireless internet access and highly trained staff, allowing digital technology to be integrated across the curriculum in a limitless number of exciting and engaging ways. We use a combination of digital and paper textbooks and integrate many internet or cloud-based services into the daily student experience. All faculties are committed to developing increased integration with the BYOD program over the coming years.

Students have access to their learning and resources anywhere via the Schools Learning Management System and its link to the Google Suite, which provides a flexible, secure and personalised learning environment. Parents also have access to information about their child's learning via the Parent Portal

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Acceptable Use of Information Technology

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