What is Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care assists the student to develop a capacity for independence, initiative and mature judgement. Pastoral Care places an emphasis on the development of the individual.

School-based pastoral care is the total climate of care which exists in a school. It reflects the broad Christian ethos of individuals caring for and respecting one another. It also includes a structure where teachers and other professionals are responsible for the emotional and spiritual well-being of individual children and where strong relationships are established between teachers and the students and their families.

At John Therry, students have an incredibly strong sense of pride in their House. The four Houses at John Therry are Chisholm, Murray, Conolly and Ryan.

At John Therry Catholic High School we have a Level System, which is linked to the Green Stamp System and Behaviour Management System.

Teachers use the planner to communicate with parents at any time.
Students are to show these communications to their parents
and have them initial them.

Pastoral Care in Our School
Each student should be treated with respect by staff members and other students. We try to reflect a 'sense of the sacred' where dignity, belonging, connectedness and self-respect are the focus.

Teachers endeavour to create this atmosphere of care in a variety of ways, both formally and informally, in their capacity as leaders, Co-ordinators, Support staff and classroom teachers. All teachers show specific care and understanding for those students who are physically, emotionally or socially disadvantaged.

The Learning Mentors, together with the Year Coordinators and Pastoral Coordinators, provide the pivotal link between home and school and are the conduit for the flow and dissemination of information regarding individual students.

Learning mentors have a special bond with students as they set the tone for each day. They are contact persons with particular opportunities for providing care and corrective help. They conduct formal interviews with the students in their learning group, monitor the emotional, social and learning needs of the students and act as student advocates throughout the year.