Science is an exciting, ever changing subject. Each time we switch on the TV or radio, we hear about a new discovery or invention.

At John Therry, students learn science through experiments, field studies, research and thorough teaching. Students are encouraged to have hands-on experiences using our vast range of equipment. Our innovative staff lead the students through well designed lessons to equip them as responsible citizens in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum includes digital citizenship, catholic values, Aboriginal perspectives and sustainability, as well as many other important aspects of learning science.

Stage 4

Yr7 & 8 (Stage 4) will be introduced to the following exciting topics:
  • To Change or not to Change, that is the question.
  • Science and the Dreaming
  • Water Makes the World Go Around
  • Camping in the Aussie Bush
  • Master Chef
  • Off The Planet
  • Tomorrow's World Today
  • Nature's Factories

  • Stage 5

    Yr9&10 (Stage 5) will be focused on developing skills and acquiring knowledge that will enable them to gain a better understanding of the World.
    Their course involves the following topics:

  • Mars Attacks
  • Earth & It's Resources
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • What is Disease?
  • Light & Electric Circuits
  • Controlling our Bodies
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics