House Cup

At John Therry, students have an incredibly strong sense of pride in their House. The four Houses at John Therry are Chisholm, Murray, Conolly and Ryan.

The House Cup is awarded annually at the end of Term 3 to the House that has accumulated the most points over that calendar year. One key feature that distinguishes our school from other schools is that we focus on four areas of school life: Spiritual, Academic, Social and Sporting. As such, students can earn points towards the House Cup from their participation in one or more of the above areas.

The simplest way a student can earn points for their House is through the Green Stamp system. Students are awarded Green Stamps by staff for a number of different reasons (for example: conduct, academic rigour, consistent good behaviour). Each Green Stamp is tallied by the Learning Mentors each Monday morning during Learning Group. The House Captains collect this data and this is tallied in conjunction with the Pastoral Coordinators. On top of this, during the weekly Friday A School Assembly, the name of one student from each House (who has earned the most amount of Green Stamps for that week in their Learning Group) is pulled out in a raffle draw. These students earn a Canteen Voucher for their achievements.

There are many other means for students to earn points for their House. These include:

  • Participation in school Sporting Carnivals (Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country, Jack Crawford Games)
  • Participation in the Annual Learning Group Noticeboard Competition
    Participation in school events
  • Contributing to Social Justice initiatives
  • Competing in faculty initiatives (such as the Math Challenge and Reading Competition)
  • The annual winner of the House Cup is recorded on the school Honour Boards located in the William E Murray Hall.


      House Patron Caroline Chisholm
      House Saint St Mary Mackillop

      House Patron Bishop Murray
      House Saint St Francis of Assisi

      House Patron Fr Conolly
      House Saint St Patrick

      House Patron Monsignor Ryan
      House Saint St Vincent de Paul