Restorative Justice

The Pastoral Care of students at John Therry Catholic High School is seen as an integral part of the total School program. We operate under a Restorative Justice Framework. Consequently, we acknowledge that as our students learn and mature into young adults, they may make mistakes from time to time. Through the processes of Restorative Justice we assist students to reach an understanding of how their choices impacted themselves and others so that they realize the affect of their actions. We then assist students to re-think their choices and reach an understanding of how they could make more positive choices in the future if they find themselves in similar circumstances. Having said that, we also have very clear consequences for students who breach the John Therry rules which have been put in place to ensure the safety of all members of our community and ensure that everyone has the capacity to learn and achieve to their potential. These consequences are outlined in the ‘Student Actions and Consequences Summary’.

Suspension Procedure

Consistent failure to adhere to the John Therry rules or unsafe conduct may result in a student being excluded from the school community for a period of time. This is to allow the student to reflect on their conduct and make a conscious choice to reconnect with the community with a genuine willingness and intention to conform to the school’s code of conduct.

If a student is placed on In-School Suspension they are segregated from the school community and supervised by the school executive. There are a range of procedures a student on In-School Suspension must follow and these are documented on the ‘In-School Suspension Agreement’ (see link below). If a student is placed on In-School Suspension, parents are informed via a letter home and phone call. In some cases, a parent interview may also be required. Once the suspension has been completed, students are placed on a booklet for further monitoring.

If a student is placed on Out-of-School Suspension they must remain off school premises for the time of their suspension. Before they can return to the school community an interview with parents is required and students must demonstrate a genuine willingness to adhere to the John Therry school rules. If the student does not demonstrate this willingness to comply, the suspension may be extended for a longer period of time to allow for more reflection on behalf of the student. While on suspension from school, the expectation is that students will be completing their studies at home. In most cases, work will be emailed directly to the student by their classroom teacher. Where this is not possible, work will be provided to the student in other forms. Students returning to the school community following suspension are placed on a Violet booklet for monitoring. This is to assist the students to ensure that they are developing positive study habits and successfully staying on track.

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