Technological & Applied Studies

The TAS Department at John Therry prides itself on offering a range of courses that not only meets the requirement for the school, but teach a range of skills that can be used in the real world.

The department offers a range of courses providing experience and knowledge in areas such as food, nutrition and hospitality, woodwork, textiles information and communication technology and engineering.

The success of the department in teaching these skills, and the attitudes that go with them is evident in the significant number of John Therry students who enter related trades and industries after finishing their secondary schooling. This extend beyond the number of students that enter apprenticeships in building and allied industries, or food and hospitality to the very significant number of TAS students who progress on to studying Engineering, IT, Multimedia, Hospitality and Fashion at tertiary level.

New facilities for Woodwork and Hospitality mean that students are now able to expand the range of experiences they have in these subjects. The new facilities match or exceed the standard available in any school in the district and provide enviable opportunities for students to hone their skills.

John Therry TAS students have the opportunity to be involved in a range of school and outside school activities not available in other areas. This includes catering various social and school functions, Wollongong University Engineering Report competition, which we have won several times, F1 in Schools Program and Solar Car Challenge.

Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology section of the school curriculum covers a wide range of subjects and is taught using a wide range of high quality equipment, to give students the best opportunity to achieve their best in the subjects studied

Included in our facilities is an extensive range of industrial grade equipment, much of which will be used by students at various year levels and for various projects (there are a few exceptions for equipment designated ‘Staff Use Only’ for safety reasons)

Subjects taught within this section of the faculty, include: Technology (Mandatory), Industrial Technology (Wood), Industrial Technology (Engineering) and Industrial Technology (Timber Products & Furniture Industry)

Information Technology

Over the last two decades the area of Information and Communication Technology has diversified to include a range of subject areas. In Stage 4, students in years 7 and 8 may experience Digital Media and Graphics as part of their Mandatory Technology rotation. Students use their iPads to research, design ideas and create a range of products or environments and document the process they have undertaken.

Information Processes and Technology stage 6 course, teaches students about information-based system. It covers the core units of introduction to information skills and systems, tools for information process and developing information systems.